Is it Spring yet?

It’s been a very mild winter in Utah this year.  Here it is March and it is feeling like spring already.  What is a good gardener (or average one at least) to do with this situation?  Why, get the plants started of course.  I have already had the peppers planted for about a week and a half.  They are all starting to sprout.  I have several different varieties that I chose to plant this year like Ancho, Jalapeño, Anaheim, Chinese Giant, Socrates, and California Bell.  I was a little worried that I was planting a little late.  The peppers usually like it to be warm when they germinate so I plant them a week or two early to give them a little extra time  With the rack being in the basement it stays between 60 and 65 degrees in the winter.  As it turns out this is just perfect for the peppers.  Another few weeks and they should be ready to pot up. 

At the same time that I planted the peppers, I also planted the broccoli and cabbage.  They didn’t take long to sprout and were the first to come up with the new season. 

Today I just planted the tomatoes.  They usually take about a week or two less than the peppers.  There are several different varieties of those as well.  I planted Big Boy, Margherita, Roma, Better Boy, Beefsteak, Yellow Pear, and Cherry.  Last year’s tomato crop did not do so well.  We are hoping for a much better crop this year. 

Last fall I got some cuttings from a coworker’s grape vines.  He has a few different varieties and we took cuttings from two.  It started as an experiment to see which cuttings would root faster.  We took some of the green vine and stuck them in water, and then took the wooded stem and cut it into sticks with about 3 buds.  I thought the green stems would root the fastest just based on my experience with other vines.  It’s true they did root the fastest, however they didn’t survive.  The wooded stems took a very long time to root.  In fact I had nearly given up on them when I started to see them callusing in the water.  I let them start to develop roots before actually planting them in the soil.  As a result I now have grape vines that are growing in the rack that I will plant this spring.

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